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REMIS is 5-steps ahead of traditional school management system. We have combined features from traditional school data gathering systems with an enterprise solution to provide a comprehensive application.

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Below are some of the key benefits of REMIS platform.

Implementing REMIS is a step towards improving quality of education and meeting SDG4

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The hosted version of REMIS (cloud based) gives parents the platform to access and relate with their children's performances. Parents participation in teaching/learning increases the quality of teaching and raises standard of education.  


Quality is better improved in education when it is data driven. REMIS provides up-to-date data about the school and children performances. From attendance, human resources, medical, disciplinary t students report card. This platform would reduce stress for State/LGA education desk/M&E Officers.


Report SDG indicators at the state/LGA/school level at a click of a button. We have included SDG 4 indicators for tracking school's performances, enrollment/drop-out analysis, school facilities such as access to toilet, water, electricity etc.


With the messaging module, the school can send out messages to selected recipients or all users (parents, students, teachers and non-teaching staff). For a state-wide implementation, the state contact (Commissioner for Education, Permanent Secretary, Desk Officer etc) can send a single message out to all users (schools) from the comfort of his/her office at no extra cost.


Stationary right from the paper is saved in the ERP system. It leads to saving the natural resources and keeps a digital track of the data. Also it does not create a mess of the records to be maintained.


REMIS promotes student-teacher collaboration beyond classroom. REMIS cloud version increases the interaction between the teachers and the students. Teachers can give assignment/home work to students via the assignment module and also monitor submissions of such assignment online. During holiday/COVID-19, students can continue to engage with their teachers and take online classes.

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Below are some functional modules

Student Information Management

REMIS Student Information handles everything about the students in the school. Managing students information from registration, attendance, assignments and tests, examinations and complains is made easy at a click of a button.  REMIS is a software application which helps us to manage students’ data. It is can handle student attendance records, student demographic data, student assessment scores and other related data required in a school.

Student information has three main areas:

i). Student basic information: This include a link to parents/guardian, demographic information, contact details and medical history.

ii). Academic information: This include tests details, examinations and other details

iii). Reports: This include individual student results, class result sheet and individual student report card.


Human Resources/Employee Management

REMIS takes the workload of managing employee data (teaching and non-teaching staff) off from the administrator. Employees can be registered and deployed electronically into various departments and classes.

Employees can apply for leave, access their leave balances, print payslips, and interact with the system at their convenience. A staff with supervision role will be able to approve/review leave etc

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Finance/Billing Management

Financial control is a major issue with educational institution. Our REMIS provides interface for managing inflows (incomes) and outflows (expenditure).

Monitor all your points of payments and various categories of fees payable each term with this robust financial/billing module. Payment flexibility means parents can choose to payment in instalments for a single invoice The account officer can also generate either single or group invoice and monitor defaulters/debtors.

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Visitors Tracking System

With COVID-19 and other diseases, reducing the number of contact areas in the institution would reduce the possibility of spreading infection from one person to another and to students. Visitors' tracking module is a complete contactless system for registering and tracking visitors.

REMIS Visitor's tracking module is innovative and specifically designed for Africa. It gives power to the security/receptionist to tracking visitors within the school. Photo capture feature gives the school full control over who visited who and at what time and purpose. This module is a complete replacement of the usual 'logbook' kept at the security for visitors document.

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Advanced Modules

Advanced modules are add-on modules for extending the functionality of REMIS. We release a new module thrice a year to keep up with changes in technology and users' demands. Add-on modules attract additional cost.

Library Management

This module allows the librarian/library officers to register students to the library and manage all transactions in the library (borrowing and returning of borrowed books/materials). Give your students access to library information and allow our system monitor usage while you relax.

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Procurement Management

Tracking and managing assets in the school is a major source of challenges and wastages. Our procurement module manages vendors/suppliers, assets, manages allocation/distribution of items (assets) to staff and students etc.

SDG4 Requirement for Schools

We understand that every school (public or private) is expected to submit periodic report to the LGA/State/donor agencies, hence, we have developed this module to address the reporting needs of each school. 

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