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SmartCare is a customized version of Bahmni. Bahmni is a comprehensive EHR system with three major components viz: OpenMRS, OpenELIS and Odoo


SmartStore is a point of sale solution forretail and wholesale stores. It's an ideal solution for anyone wishing to reduce wastage and maximize profit.


Reverton Education Management Information System (REMIS) is a custom built software for school management

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We have implemented some key projects within the last 12 months for clients within and outside Nigeria. Some outstanding projects are listed below.

ICT4D Consultancy

We provide cutting-edge solutions for business organization and for non-for profit organizations. Our team understand the value and the need to have access to real-time data for improved decision making process


Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Lite is a desktop version of Nigeria's National LIMS for HIV/AIDS, HPV, Hepatitis and COVID-19 testing. We created a 2-way smart sync between LIMS Lite and LIMS online version for Clinton Health Access Initiative

Digital Health

Our SmartCare solution improves efficiency of healthcare delivery to make medicine more personalized and precise. We have deployed customized version of Bahmni EHR system to two hospitals in FCT and Niger State with a centralized Dashboard for remote administration.

Patient Satisfaction survey

We deployed survey questionnaire in mobile tool designed with ODK/Kobotoolbox for patient satisfaction survey for the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria.

LIMS escalation framework

Enforcing usage is a key step towards reducing the total turn around time for laboratory system. We created an escalation system for National LIMS with regular 'coded' alerts to patients, caregiver and originating laboratories.

24X7 support

At Reverton.Net, we provide round-the-clock technical and leadership support to clients. Feel free to contact us on whatsapp +2348031973953 for a 24x7 support

We work with local and international organizations in West Africa

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