GIS Mapping

We offer GIS mapping, consultancy and support services that help organisations to better understand their geographic information, delivering fresh insights that produce actionable results. In all our data collection exercises, we emphasize on the need to capture location with a high degree of accuracy.

Our GIS team works on a wide range of applications, from general map data collection to server-based map deployment. Both open source and ESRI ArcGIS server-based products are currently being produced for customers and are built to specifications of customers.

Dashboards for real-time analysis

Our information management tool tracks, analyzes and displays key performance indicators (KPI), metrics and key data points to monitor the a business, project, intervention and research specific process.

We use cutting-edge tools to represent data in visual formats for easy interpretation of simple to complex datasets.

Mobile Data collection

Mobile Data collection- We use cutting-edge technologies in collecting, analyzing and presenting field data within time and budget.  At Reverton, we innovate to simplify data collection and ease analysis. Our tools (ODK, DHIS2, SurveyCTO) etc give us the flexibility and present questionnaire in a user-friendly style.