We are proud to provide enterprise-level technology solutions and support for small, mid-sized and large hospitals in Nigeria and West Africa. Our electronic health platform has modules for special clinics such as TB, cancer treatment, HIV/AIDS and flexible reporting system. We have customized OpenMRS distribution with additional modules and features.

Benefits of Smartcare

(1) Opportunity of using statistical data for planning and research
(2) Availability of information about the patient to care provider at a glance.
(3) Cost savings and reduction in administrative costs.
(4) Access to patient’s historic health data at a click of a button
(5) Automated payment system
(6) Interoperability wit legacy systems
(7) Decision support system
(8) Comprehensive facility-based, SMoH, FMoH and donor specific reports
(9) Automated appointment system with SMS and email integration for appointment reminders.