EMR Demo

We are implementers of Bahmni EHR in Nigeria. Click Here to try out recent demo of BAHMNI EMR

The EMR has Lab and ERP modules connected to each other. This means, that when you register a patient in EMR, and order a lab test, the data will flow into Lab system, and OpenERP. In Lab system, the patient will get created, and tests will get ordered, while in the OpenERP system, a customer will get created with the same ID and name as the patient. This way, Bahmni enables single data entry across systems. We have the technical capacity to build this system to your local need and provide 24/7 support until its becomes operational in your health facility. Reverton will also build the capacity of your local IT team to continue to provide needed IT & development support. Filling the Request for Proposal Form will enable us begin discussion on your EMR system with your project team.

Demo Login credentials


Username: superman

Password: Admin123

ELIS (Lab):

Username: admin

Password: adminADMIN!


Username: admin

Password: passwordd